Saturday, July 7, 2012

Dream, Believe, Work, Achieve

I have created a dream board for everything I want in my life for the next few years. A lot of successful people I have met though the years have suggested it's important to know your goals so you can work hard to achieve them.  Happy Sunday girls/boys!

Travel to Paris
Travel to New York again (photo by me!)
Travel to Fiji or another destination with clear water
Buy a Hermes bag 
Buy some YSL shoes / C. Louboutin 
Buy another pair of Chanel flats 
Design my own underwear range
Purchase a Louis Vuitton alma bag / Duffle
Buy a huge home with a large driveway

Build my dream walk in closet
Buy the perfect beach house
Start a online store
Purchase a large Chanel Flap Bag 
Purchase classic Chanel earrings 
Design my own swimwear brand

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